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covid 19 4960657 640Due to the public health concern regarding COVID-19, many state and federal agencies and consulates have suspended their walk-in service. Therefore, many apostille/ authentication requests are being processed via mail with delayed processing time. Please email us for the processing time. 
U.S. Department of State: the processing time for federal apostilles and authentication certificates (including FBI, 6166 U.S. Residency certifications, etc.) is currently 8-12 weeks. There is no expedited or walk-in service.  



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Do you need a Hague apostille for a U.S. document for use in Mexico? We will be happy to help!

As both the U.S. and Mexico signed the Hague Apostille Convention, all U.S. documents bearing Hague apostille stamps will be legal and valid in Mexico.

We provide apostille services  for all kinds of documents, from all U.S. states, intended for use in Mexico.

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In 1994, Mexico signed and ratified the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. The purpose of this Convention is to simplify the processes required for a particular country to recognize the official documents issued by another country, by means of apostille certification.

Public documents and certificates that are issued in one of the countries that are signatories to the above Convention, and which bear the apostille stamp, are valid for presentation in Mexico, without the need for additional verification/certification by the diplomatic/consular representative at the Embassy of Mexico.

We obtain apostilles for use in Mexico from all U.S. States.

Please select the state where your document was issued, signed, certified, or notarized

Important! Your document has to be apostilled in the state where it was issued (certified, notarized), e.g. if you were born in California, your birth certificate has to be apostilled in California, your power of attorney notarized by a Maine notary public will need a Maine apostille, etc.


How to apostilleMike was born in New York and needs to submit a legal copy of his birth certificate to the local authorities in Mexico. He has already obtained a certified copy of his birth certificate from the appropriate office in New York. Now he needs to obtain an apostille from the Secretary of State of New York, and his document will be valid and legal in Mexico. Read more about New York apostilles...


How to apostilleJohn needs to send a power of attorney to his sister to represent his interests in a court in Mexico. John resides in Arizona. He signs the power of attorney, and has his signature notarized by an Arizona notary. Now he needs to obtain an apostille from the Secretary of State of Arizona, and his document will be valid and legal in Mexico. Read more about Arizona apostilles...

Email a copy of your document for a free evaluation. Then mail your document(s) to us and we will take care of the apostille legalization for Mexico. You can also check if your document qualifies for our 24-hour apostille service.

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