U.S. Residency Certification (Form 6166) for Greece

covid 19 4960657 640Due to the public health concern regarding COVID-19, many state and federal agencies and consulates have suspended their walk-in service. Therefore, many apostille/ authentication requests are being processed via mail with delayed processing time. Please email us for the processing time. 
U.S. Department of State: the processing time for federal apostilles and authentication certificates (including FBI, 6166 U.S. Residency certifications, etc.) is currently 8-12 weeks. There is no expedited or walk-in service.  

dateUPDATED APRIL 17, 2020

Form 6166 for GreeceYour partners or employers in Greece may require that you present Form 6166 (U.S. Residency Certification) to confirm that you pay taxes in the United States and that for tax purposes you are considered a U.S. resident. 

Form 6166 is issued by the IRS and is printed on the the U.S. Department of Treasury stationary. To be valid in Greece, Form 6166 has to be legalized with an apostille.

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Form 6166 with an apostille for Greece

 question answerWhat is the specific language of Form 6166 intended for Greece? 

The form is printed on the Department of Treasury stationary, and has the following wording:

Taxpayer: [ name of company or individual ]
TIN: [company's EIN or individual's social security number ]
Tax year: [ the year for which you requested From 6166 ]
I certifiy that, to the best of our knowledge, the above-named taxpayer is a resident of the United States of America for purposes of the Greece - U.S.A. Double Taxation Convention.
[ signature ]
Field Director, Accounts Management

question answerWhat does Form 6166 look like?

Here is an image of Form 6166 issued to an individual for tax year 2017.

form 6166 for greece individual

question answerWho can apply for Form 6166?

- individulas (U.S. citizens, U.S. lawful permanent residents (green card holders), other U.S. residents alien, dual-status U.S. residents, partial year Form 2555 flers) - partneships - trusts - estates - C-corporations - S-corporations - employee benefit plans/trusts - exempt organizations



question answerCan Form 6166 be issued for the current year?


question answerHow to order Form 6166 with an apostille for Greece?

You can order Form 6166 with an apostille / embassy legalization online. We will request additional information from you in a separate email. On the basis of this information will we prepare the application forms to the IRS, and will submit the application on your behalf. Everything is done via email.

The price for Form 6166 with an apostille for Greece is $325 (for individuals) and $425 (for organizations). The processing time is around 8-9 weeks.

question answerCan Form 6166 be ordered on an expedited basis?

No, the IRS does not provide expedited service. The processing time is around 8-9 weeks. It might be longer during the tax period. Sometimes it is faster, but the processing time is not guaranteed.

question answerI already have an original Form 6166. How much is an apostille, and how long does it take? 

Form 6166 is a federal document, an apostille will be issued by the U.S. Department of State in Washington DC. Please send the original Form 6166 to us, and we will get an apostille for it.


U.S. (federal) apostille: $175 (Fedex within the U.S. is included)
FedEx International is $60 (most countries)
FedEx to Eastern Europe and South America is $90
Processing time: 4-5 bus. days
Complete the Order form and enclose it with your document(s). Our mailing address is
Foreign Documents Express
123 Seventh Avenue, Suite 175
Brooklyn, NY 11215

question answerDoes Form 6166 need to be notarized in order to get apostilled?
If you have an original Form 6166 - U.S. Residency Certification, please do not have it notarized in order to get an apostille. This document can be apostilled directly. 

question answerCan I apostille From 6166 in California or in New York?
Apostille issuing authorities in New York, California or any other state, will not apostille a federal document. Federal documents are apostilled by the U.S. Department of State in Washinton DC.
question answerCan you ship the completed Form 6166 with an apostille directly to Greece?
Yes, FedEx International to Greece is $60.

question answerCan I get Form 6166 myself? What is the procedure?

The answer ism yes, you definitely can. Here we will describe the general procedure of applying for Form 6166. Please note that there are a lot of specific requirements depending on the entity type. But the general steps will be as follows:

- You will need to properly complete Form 8802 and submit it to the IRS. The IRS provides detailed instructions on how to fill out this form.

- Some types of entities will have to submit additional documents along with form 8802. For example, an S-corporation will need to submit the information about all shareholders, including each shareholder's name, address, and social security number. You will find information about additional document requirements in the instructions to Form 8802.

- Before submitting Form 8802, you will need to pay the IRS fee which is $85 at the present time.

- Then you can submit the application by fax or by mail.

- Your application will be stored in the IRS computer until its turn to be reviewed. Usually it takes between four and six weeks. If you call the IRS about the status of application before your turn comes, the answer will be that they do not have any information about your application.

- Then, the IRS will start to review your application. When it happens, a standard letter is generated by the IRS computer and mailed to you saying that the IRS received your application and it is being reviewed.

- If you completed Form 8802 correctly and provided all required supporting documents, your application will be approved approximately within 30-45 days from the beginning of the reviewing process (not from the day you submitted the application by fax or your application was received by the IRS by mail)

- If the application is not approved, you will get a letter with request for additional information or a letter stating that your application has been rejected. This correspondence can take a few more weeks. This is why it is essential to do everything right from the very beginning.